Sky Q Remote Codes
December 15, 2016 — 9:48

Here’s a table of the IR remote codes for a Sky Q satellite box which may be of use. All codes are 32 bit RC6.

Note: The remote sends the power command four times.

Button HEX
Sky C0081A80
Power C0081A0C
Search C0081A7E
Rewind C0081A3D
Play/Pause C0081A3E
Forward C0081A28
Up C0081A58
Down C0081A59
Left C0081A5A
Right C0081A5B
Select C0081A5C
Back/Return C0081A83
Home C0081ACC
I (information) C0081ACB
Channel UP C0081A20
Channel DOWN C0081A21
Record C0081A40
RED C0081A6D
BLUE C0081A70
1 C0081A01
2 C0081A02
3 C0081A03
4 C0081A04
5 C0081A05
6 C0081A06
7 C0081A07
8 C0081A08
9 C0081A09
0 C0081A00
HELP C0081A81

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